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MedicationsFirst of all, we need to define "assisted living home", because many people often confuse them with "nursing homes". Nursing homes are for very sick individuals who can no longer care for themselves on any level, and need nurses or doctors present 24 hours a day for serious medical conditions. They can be great for people that need that sort of help, but may be very sad places (socially and mentally) for someone who just needs assistance with some aspects of daily living. The main goal of an assisted living home should be to provide assistance in a safe environment (24 hour staff trained for medical emergencies) where it's residents can enjoy socializing with other people in a home-like setting.

Assisted living homes provide help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This is a common term in the industry, and It covers all the things you might do on a daily basis. Such as brushing your teeth, showering, toileting, medication administration, preparing and eating meals. Typically doctors and caregivers are very interested in ADLs because they are the bread and butter of living your life indepently.

Everyone that lives a long life will eventually come to a point where they need assistance with the challenges of daily living and maintaining their health. The sad part is most people only begin to realize they need help when it is too late. If you hurt yourself, even if it wasn't your fault, a family member or even a social worker may determine that you need to be placed in a facility for round the clock supervision. But don't blame them, they are just trying to make sure you are safe. The problem with that is you will need to take what is available at the time, which in most cases may not be the place you want to be.

Three Simple Rules About Senior Assisted Living:

  1. You will always need assistance before you realize you do.
  2. Assisted living homes can prevent serious injuries or illness, make life easier and more sociable.
  3. If you don't get help for yourself, eventually someone will get help for you.
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