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careWe emphasize dignity, privacy and care. Care not only for the body, but the mind, heart and soul as well. Our specialized care plans not only follow all of the Arizona Department of Health regulations, but are tailored to meet their emotional needs as well. We will always try to encourage the residents to do things for themselves unless it causes pain or discomfort. By helping themselves we can promote a physical and mental well being that can make them feel healthier and more independent.

Many seniors are faced with some form of dementia that can cloud their memory and steal their identity. This can be very hard for families to endure. Our caregivers have certified training to handle dementia with complete patients and understanding.

There are three types of care plans that we offer our residents: supervisory, personal and directed. Shortly after admission our nurse will visit with the resident and develop a care plan that outlines their current physical and mental statis, as well as the types of care required to ensure they are safe and comfortable. From there our nurse will visit with them periodically to update the care plan, and make sure they are getting the care they need. Families are encouraged to review these care plans to get an understanding of how their loved one is doing.

Here Are The Three Types Of Care Plans We Offer:

Supervisory Care:
- 24 hour on-site caregivers
- General supervision
- Intervention in a crisis
- Monitoring & recording of weekly vital signs
- Medication distribution
- Three meals daily plus snacks
- Assistance with daily activities when needed
- See our Provided Services page for more info


Personal Care: (Supervisory Care Plus)
- Medication supervision and administration
- Assistance with all daily activities
- Cognitive assistance
- See our Provided Services page for more info

Directed Care: (Personal Care Plus)
- Assistance with dining and special diets
- Transfer assistance*
- Complete continence
- Behavior management
- Diabetic management
- Respiratory care*
- Dementia*
- Some Alzheimer's*
- See our Provided Services page for more info
*As allowed by state regulations

If you have any special needs or requests please don't hesitate to ask. 

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