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Elevated Gardens

In Summer both houses explode with color from the flower &
vegetable gardens. Everything
is self-watering and elevated for convenience, so our residents
can get their hands dirty any time they want. And they love to show off their huge vegetables.

In-Home Events

We understand that sometimes our residents are too fragile to leave
the home, so we always try to bring the fun to them.  Easter egg hunts, BBQs and birthday parties are just some of the fun activities going on.
lake mary
Group Outings

We enjoy outings to places like
Lake Mary and bingo parlors. Family members are always welcome to join us for our outings. Residents also enjoy running
small errands with staff members.
Pet Therapy

Besides the house dogs, we try to bring over as many furry visitors as we can. We can even accommodate horses out at Pine Meadows Ranch.

In-Home Games, Puzzles, Books, Television & Movies

Our homes always have plenty of games, books and movies to keep our residents entertained. We constantly add new ones to keep them fresh and exciting for everyone.

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