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The Pines


Location: Upper Greenlaw

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 2

Patios / Decks: 2

Number of Residents: 7Stained Glass


Eldercare Springs is set up for those residents that need a little more attention, or have special physical or mental needs. It has extra wide hallways to accomdate wheelchairs, coded doors and a secure backyard. It also has a better caregiver to resident ratio then you are likely to find anywhere else. Not to mention all of our additional medical supplies and equipment. Although it is set up for advanced care, it still retains the home-style feeling our houses are known for.


Dining Room- Private or Shared Rooms Available
- Giant Dining Room With Attached Common Area
- Friendly Family Neighborhood
- Wide Hallways
- Electronic Coded Doors
- Large and Secure Back Patio and Yard


Big Windows
Wide Hallways
Uno The Dog
fireplace entry kitchen bedroom

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