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Pine Meadows Ranch


Location: Downey Park Area (East Flagstaff)

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 3

Patios / Decks: 3

Number of Residents: 10



A ranch style home, with a ranch style feel.  It sits on two and a half acres, has breathtaking views of the San Francisco Peaks and is completely surrounded by wildflowers. Each room has large windows allowing in plenty of . The fenced backyard has large pine trees, and an elevated garden that produces some of the biggest vegetables you have ever seen. There are call buttons in every room of the home, with a 24 hour certified caregiver available any time of day.


Views- Private or Shared Rooms Available
- Amazing Views Of The San Fransico Peaks
- Large Sunny Windows All Over The Home
- Big Country Kitchen and Dining Room
- Home Sits on a 2 1/2 Acre Wildflower Meadow
- Secure Back Yard With Large Deck & Elevated Gardens


5 Bedrooms
Elevated Gardens
Large Kitchen
Extra Large Deck
fireplace entry kitchen bedroom
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